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Welcome to SHEESH TOKEN!

Hello Sheesh Community!
We have migrated to Sheesh V2 Please import the new token address into your wallet to access your tokens: 0x564f184692952adf6a9512a13dc49caf45e76b12

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Welcome to

Sheesh Token

Sheesh Token is a community-driven token utilizing Binance Smart Chain (BSC) technology. It is the first of its kind, created for influencers to link cryptocurrency to their fanbase an social media. The token will be used to host giveaways, lotteries, gaming tournaments, and other events for creators and holders,as well as the creation of unique NFTs, merchandise drops, and much, much more


Phase 1.1

Scale up the current dev team to speed up the release of the platform.
Continue to build our pool of influencers to tap into once the NFT Raffle is released.
Continue to build out the platform and DAPPs.
Revamp website, social media pages, and partnership program.

Phase 1.2

Release the NFT Raffle Application into Alpha 1 with community testers.
Begin marketing to show off the active product to influencers and their community.

Phase 1.3

Launch the Beta version which will potentially involve several influencers and their communities.
Take feedback from community in Alpha and Beta test to reiterate the platform and continue to improve.

Phase 1.4

Finish the NFT Raffle and full marketing push with all interested influencers.
Release the platform to all interested sellers.

Phase 1.5

Continue to improve the platform with all community input.
Design and create new DAPPs for the Sheesh Platform.

Meet The Team

Aaron Doh


From Vine star to TikTok influencer, Aaron has years of experience as a key social influencer. He's now merging the world of social media with crypto to shape the future of social connections.

The Community


Sheesh Token holders are the driving force of the community, sharing advice and pushing the token to new limits.

Behind every great token, is a driven & committed community and we certainly have the best!

How to buy

Grab some Sheesh Token!

Step 1 - Open PancakeSwap on Mobile Browser

Download and open Trust Wallet App Or Metamask. Type the URL on your Safari browser. Tap on Go to proceed. If you are using Safari browser on your iPad, you need to turn off the Request Desktop Website setting. Or you can also use Google Chrome to open the site.

Step 2 - Access WalletConnect

Tap on the Connect button on PancakeSwap to see the Connect to a wallet menu. Choose WalletConnect. On the list of supported wallets, choose Trust Wallet. Launch the Trust Wallet app by tapping on Open.

Step 3 - Connect Trust Wallet

The WalletConnect screen will show up on the Trust Wallet app. Tap on Connect to complete the connection of the app to the PancakeSwap DApp. At this point, your Smart Chain wallet is now connected to PancakeSwap. You can now return to your Safari browser to confirm.

Step 4 - Create a Token Swap

View sheesh on Pancakeswap

Step 5

Now in the exchange we are going to swap BNB for Sheesh. Enter in the amount of BNB you would like to swap for sheesh

Step 6

Now swap your BNB for SHEESH Token (If you get an error slowly increase your slippage %).

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Become a partner

Are you an influencer with over 10,000 followers on your primary social platform? Join the Sheesh Influencer Program!